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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I want to hire a costume?

If you want to hire a costume it can be booked in advance, where a £10 non-refundable amount can be left as a deposit, this £10 will then be taken off the amount of the hire of the costume.

Can I just come in and hire a costume on the day?

Yes, however you are limited to what costumes we have in shop at that time and cannot guarantee the availability of any costume.

How long is the costume hire for?

The hire of the costume is usually for one day only, or if it is hired on a Saturday it will be till the Monday. Costumes can be hired for longer and a charge may occur.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, you have to pay a deposit. This is usually the same price as the costume, this deposit covers damages and loss and if the costume is fine when returned the deposit will be given back. For example, if the costume costs to hire then altogether you need to pay £ 25 then a deposit of £25 which will be returned when the costume is returned.

What happens if the costume gets damaged?

If the costume is damaged the deposit will be retained and you will be asked to pay for the repair of the costume.

What if I am late bringing the costume back?

The costume can be brought back anytime on the specified day, however if the you cannot get it back that day please phone and we shall arrange a time to bring it back. A charge may occur.

Can I book out a costume over the phone?

No, we do not offer telephone bookings. It is best to try on costumes for different sizes and styles.

Can I try on the outfits?

Yes we have changing rooms so any of the costumes can be tried on.

Are all costumes freshly laundered?

Yes, all costumes are freshly laundered when returned from previous customer.